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Felt sealing can be made from pressed felt seal or compressed felt seal where natural wool fiber is compressed. We are a leading felt seal manufacturer and felt seal producer in India. Felt precision seals are available in various shapes and sizes like felt seal tape, felt seal washer, felt seal gasket.

A felt seal is a wool felt material which is used for preventing leakage, felt bearing seal lubricates ball on the sides of roller bearing. Lubricating felt seal are precision cut felt seals which are dipped in oil or other lubricants as advised by the engineer and then it performs the lubrication function by releasing the required and necessary amount of oil in the bearing so that it runs smoothly.

Application and uses :

Felt seal is used for many applications in many industries, industrial grade is called industrial felt seal and when used in machineries it is popularly called as mechanical felt seal. Some common applications of felt packing seal are dust seal felt, door seal felt where it serves its basic function of preventing the gap and leakage while other even use it polishing as polishing felt seal. Technical use of technical felt seal are used in machines like ball mill where it is called ball mill felt seal and in crusher like locotrack crusher felt seal. For cylinder felt seal where cylinder sealing is done with felt sealing ring and felt sealing strip which will block the flow path of any gas or liquid. Our felt seal are normally changed when the machine is reopened for repairing or overhauling. It is also used in Plummer block. Our felt seal for bearing where felt oil seal plays a vital role in the life of bearing is made of engineering felt seal.

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